Dear participants,

We are honored to invite you to the 5th International Congress on Critical Debates in Social Sciences (ICCDSS) organized by Izmir Democracy University between 7-9 October 2022 at Burhaniye.

In order to promote inter-disciplinary studies, submission of abstracts in the areas of social sciences including economics, law, history, business administration, management, marketing, anthropology, international relations, archeology, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, corporate governance, public administration, psychology, and the like are strongly encouraged.

We will be happy to host you at the 5th International Congress of Critical Discussions in Social Sciences, which will be held face to face by taking the pandemic precautions in Burhaniye, Turkey. We hope to make significant contribution with the help of participants’ researches to the scientific world.


Kind Regards,

Congress Chair

Prof. Dr. Bedriye Tunçsiper

President/ Rector